Posted by: anxiouslyengaged | August 26, 2008

Blushing Bride or Bride of Frankenstein?

Imagine your wedding day is today. There you are, standing next to your handsome husband. Your beautiful bridal gown floats softly from side to side as you pivot on your pearl heels. Your friends and family are chatting excitedly nearby to greet you. You engage in a conversation with your husband and bridesmaid, waiting patiently as the reception line forms. Your first guest in line, a long time friend, leans in for a hug. As she pulls away, she looks up and down, an admiring look on her face. You are sure she will say something like, “You look gorgeous!” Instead, she points her finger at your face and asks, “Who did your makeup…Bozo?” Gasping, you cover your face. You shrink beneath your loved one’s tuxedo. It seems like the entire room is staring.

Before you start looking for accessories to match the paper bag you plan on wearing over your head, take a deep breath and relax. There is still plenty of time to prevent this nightmare from happening.

Here are tips guaranteed to keep your look fresh:

-Remember the word natural. You may want to pull your look together from the hot trends of the season, but be careful not to go overboard. If your mother dressed trendy for her wedding back in the day, do you think she would still enjoy seeing herself in purple mascara and metallic blue eyeliner? How about that fluff of hair that covered the groom? When you dust off your wedding photos twenty years down the road, what would you like to see?

-If you prefer someone else to do your makeup, have a list of beauticians ready. See them before your wedding. Try on their makeover for a day. Does it look natural on you? Will it last all day? If either of these questions are a no, move down your list and try again.

-Avoid too much color on your face. Stick with warm tones like light pinks, peaches, plums and tans. These colors enhance natural beauty.

-When you choose your wedding colors, pick ones that compliment your skin tone. Stay away from rich colors that may over-power you.

-Spice up your skin care routine. If you struggle with acne, buy a benzoyl peroxide topical treatment and dab it on each night before bed. Use a facial scrub that has salycic acid of at least 1%. Other helpful ingredients for overall appearance are AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) and BHA (beta-hydroxy acid). The best products containing these are moisturizers and facial scrubs. You can find several different types of products at your local drugstore, simply read the labels. Start new regimens at least six weeks before your wedding. Never try a new product within a week of your wedding, you never know when you’ll have an allergic reaction!

-Nothing is more natural than your own smile. Take care of your teeth so that they shine. Don’t be afraid to use whitening trays or strips for extra brightness.

Once your wedding day arrives, it will be all eyes on you.

Let them stare, with some preparation you can look flawless!

written by Kylee Wilkins


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