Posted by: anxiouslyengaged | September 2, 2008

12 Week Planning Calendar

Yea! You’re engaged! After perusing your school schedule, and his, figured in when missionaries are coming home, when babies are being born, and picking the soonest date humanly possible, it’s decided! So, now you have 12 weeks to plan a wedding. No worries! Even though your non-member friends may balk, it’s been done before. Thousands of times before…with success. Here’s an outline to help you stay organized and have the wedding you’ve always wanted.

12 Weeks Before:
Figure out a budget (get the moms in on the action)
Decide which temple to be married in, and where receptions will be held
Contact the temple, select a wedding date and time, reception dates and endowment date (if necessary)
Register for institute temple prep or marriage classes, if available
Find a photographer (no, really, they book up quickly)
Find a videographer (see above)
Book a band or DJ (am I being redundant?)
Choose your color scheme or theme
Find a wedding planner or consultant, if desired
11 Weeks Before:
Schedule a temple recommend interview with your bishop
Ask parents for their guest/announcements lists
Pick out and order a wedding cake and groom’s cake
Hire a decorator or pick out decorations for the receptions
Hire a caterer or plan the food for the receptions
Decide where to live after the wedding
10 Weeks Before:
Find a florist and pick out flowers
Make an OB/GYN appointment and decide about birth control
Decide who you want in your bridal party
Set up a hair and makeup appointment
Pick out and order your invitations
9 Weeks Before:
Shop for a wedding dress (have fun!)
Plan the honeymoon
If there will be a luncheon or dinner on the day of the sealing, decide who will be in charge of it: delegate!
Pick out bridal party dresses and tuxes
8 Weeks Before:
Have engagement photos taken
Arrange for any special transportation (limos, rental cars, pogo sticks)
Consolidate your guest/announcement lists and collect any needed addresses
Shop for your headpiece/veil
Shop for wedding rings
7 Weeks Before:
Register for gifts
Address invitations (have a bridesmaids’ sleepover and make it fun!)
6 Weeks Before:
Coordinate with moms about their dresses
Mail announcements
5 Weeks Before:
Shop for accessories: cake cutter, sign-in book, garter, etc.
Prepare a submission for the newspaper and find out when deadlines are
4 Weeks Before:
Schedule a final fitting for your gown
Arrange for time off work
Delegate reception responsibities
3 Weeks Before:
Check the marriage license requirements in your state
Shop for gifts for your bridal party
Write placement cards, if necessary
2 Weeks Before:
Finalize details with the photographer and DJ
Make sure the bridal party attire has been fitted
1 Week Before:
Start packing for your honeymoon
Make sure all your bills are paid through one week after getting home from your honeymoon
Groom: Get a haircut
Confirm honeymoon arrangements and reservations
Give the final headcount to the caterer, if necessary
Arrange for your address change, if necessary
Wrap bridal party gifts
Delegate anything else that needs to be taken care of (that’s what bridesmaids and family are for!)
The Day Before:
Get a manicure, pedicure and massage. Relax and pamper yourself.
Go to bed early. (Okay, read that one again…no, really…)
Your Wedding Day:
Eat a light, healthy breakfast
Go to your hair and makeup appointments
Laugh a lot!!
Go with flow and enjoy your day!



  1. I would add at the 3-4 week mark to do your bridal pictures. This gives you a great chance to do a trial run, plus, you’ll definitely want those beautiful and sexy shots of you looking your best (and not too stressed!).

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