Posted by: anxiouslyengaged | October 22, 2008

Winter Weddings: Staying Warm While Keeping your Cool


As a little girl, you probably dreamed of your wedding day. And chances are, that dream didn’t involve standing rosy-cheeked and knee-deep in snow, shivering and praying that the picture taking would be over soon.


A winter wedding is practical for a lot of reasons – it’s between school semesters and, depending on when you got engaged, eliminates the need to wait an extra four months just to get married in the Spring. But regardless of your reasons, taking pictures during winter weddings doesn’t have to be a bone-chilling experience. Winter provides for some stunning backdrops, and with a little advanced preparation, you can stay warm and look great.



·          Choose your dress wisely. Short sleeves may look great, but you may end up wishing you had chosen something warmer when you’re standing in the freezing cold for pictures. There are many beautiful, trendy long-sleeved or  ¾ sleeve dresses that are elegant and much warmer. If you don’t want to go with a longer sleeved dress, you can still wrap up in a shrug or cape, both are popular right now.  Long white gloves are also a beautiful and practical way to stay warm and still wear shorter sleeves.

·          Think of the wedding party, too. Your bridesmaids will also be standing in the cold for pictures, so make sure you don’t pick dresses for them that will leave them freezing. Consider making a warm shrug part of the bridesmaid dress to keep them warm and stylish.

·          Remember you can’t see everything. If your dress covers it, bundle up! Many winter brides opt to wear thick tights, long johns, even jeans under their dress if it means keeping warm! If your dress is long enough to cover your feet and you’ll be outside, you can wear boots or a closed toed shoe. If you’re dying to wear sandals or open toes, save them for the reception where it’s warmer.

·          Take breaks. When you are taking wedding or bridal photos, take breaks when you start to feel too cold. Have your maid of honor keep some gloves, hand warmers, coats, scarves and a thermos of a warm beverage handy for you to warm up for a bit. Very cold weather can also make your eyes water and your face flush, so keep some extra make-up on hand for touch-ups, and discuss beforehand what your photographer’s policy is on retouching weather-induced flaws.

·          Have an idea of what you want. If you already know what kinds of poses and pictures you want, you can speed up the amount of time you’ll be in the cold by letting your photographer know beforehand the types of shots you like. Be sure your photographer has a list of expected group shots to help them go by quickly.


With winter upon us, many brides are dreading the photography that will take place in sub-zero temperatures. These are just a few tips that will help you stay warm and look fabulous for your winter wedding!

written by jill overmyer



  1. Yay! I’m having a winter wedding…can’t wait.


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